Evolving Strategy Games

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of RPG’s like Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and D&D. I’ve played a fair share of pathfinder campaigns and I’m currently enrolled in a well-paced Star Wars game in which I play a pumped up version of B.A Baracus from the old television show “The A-Team” who thinks with his fists.

I love how you are limited only to your own imagination ( and a DM ) in most scenarios that you encounter as a group. But it’s a concept that is always poorly executed in games. Since a game is a rigid structure of instructions that modify your game state. You as a player are never in full control of your environment. And as anyone with some knowledge of history or warfare knows, is that a battle is never just a game of numbers.

Most games try to alleviate this problem by introducing weaknesses to units which other players can exploit. Like a rock-paper-scissors concept with some added stats. But as it stands right now, there’s never really a way for the player to take full control of what it would be like to be a general waging a campaign of war against another country ( or fellow country for that matter ).

There is never really any management of a country, nor is there a way to implement this in a way that fully grasps these fundamental things.
Now to their defense. Games are not always about following realism and I do not want to criticize a game on that fact for it is a good way to deal with problems presented by a computer environment.

Still, what if there were a way for you , as a player to step into the shoes of a great roman General, waging war on different fronts. Managing resources, managing their intel and maneuvering their troops against an enemy of equal intelligence? Give them command of numerous troops that they can arrange and build up themselves?

The idea is daunting, there are MANY aspects of interactivity that need to be addressed. For example:

Your enemies have chopped down a local forest and have built a palisade around their camp ( or yours ) and now you need to find a way to defeat him, lure him out… You could try to set fire to the walls. Roll a heavy cart with explosives down a hill towards the camp. You could infiltrate it by night. Lay siege, build ladders…
These things would need to be added as content.

As you might have deducted yourself, there a numerous things you could try level the playing fields. But you simply cannot define all the possibilities you’d need to implement into game states to make this possible on a pc. Likewise it’s impossible to keep up any pace on a board game, having to check the rules constantly. Neither can you ignore the fact that individual soldiers can be the most inventive heroes or biggest cowards that can change the entire course of a battle.

Now, not everything has to be conform history. What if I were to create an abstract world in which you can do anything you want, and are merely bound to a few rules?
What if in a nearly boundless world, you are bound by the basic rules of human movement, and develop blueprints that help you facilitate special constructions? ( I think I’ll elaborate on this later )

I’m only scratching the surface of a concept, but with today’s computing power, something rudimentary should be feasible.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot going through my mind on the subject right now. And I’ll need to brainstorm on this some more before I end up having a wall of rambling text.

Anyway, Thanks for reading!

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