Working to Live, and working to Thrive

Here’s something that’s been puzzling me lately.

Why is is that, in our day and age, we are still going to work in order for us to survive? We need money to sustain our lives, and if you’re in a bad financial state, you’re essentially working/fighting for your survival every day. Now, why is that a thing? We’ve grown into such a big society with many facets and aspects. We’ve come so far in our sciences, that we in fact could start relieving individuals of their “forced labour” and menial tasks. But because we’re so tied up into the financial monster we call our “economy” these things never happen.

Anyway, what I really wanted to state is that I’d rather work to make humanity thrive than to do a job I don’t like just to survive.

Sadly, reality tells us a different story.
But that’s just another thing. “Things are the way they are because they are…”. A sentence I’ve heard a lot in my youth. Not often do I come into contact with people that have a desire to challenge the world, that want to change it.
I for one would love to talk my talk, but also walk my walk.  Life is too precious to go to work, and watch TV. I want to develop and improve myself, I want to have meant something to humanity, or have at least tried doing so.


As for Death Magic Volley:

Progress is slowing down for a moment. I still feel a lot of love for the project so I doubt that it’s motivation that slows me down. No rather, I think I might need to set up some goals to aim for, instead of keeping too many things in my head. So as soon as this article has been posted, I’ll add some milestone goals on the GitHub page. ( I’m still regularly pushing updates to the project ).

My latest idea involved putting small destructible columns in the arena, that drop little powerups when they are destroyed.  The catch being that, when the last column is destroyed, the room would become unstable and start collapsing. This would most notably be relayed to the player by a shaking screen and rocks ( parts of the ceiling ) crashing down on the level, creating holes in the ground.

I’m also a bit troubled about aesthetics, game feel and sound design. I know about these concepts, and I think about them a lot. But there’s a difference between experiencing them, and generating them. I also shouldn’t forget to add my older projects to the projects area. I have some other projects that I haven’t finished yet, but I wish to share nonetheless. Because I have spent time on those, and I may want to finish them in the future.

About McBuff

Working as a Revit & Blender 3D "artist" in a retail world. I've graduated as a chemist, and have graduated as a "technical artist" in the world of "interactive 3D". I have that classic dream of one day working as a coder or designer in the sector. I think that the value of the product quality is more important than profit margins and release schedules. A view that sadly is in stark contrast to reality. Generally I am more interested in aspects of life, than aspects of industry. I'm opposed to taking things seriously, when they do not benefit mankind or me. ( But that's just an opinion ).

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