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What happened!? I haven’t posted something in about 4 weeks, I’m slacking! Not that I didn’t have the time to do so, I just.. didn’t do anything. Not that I should feel obliged to work every night on a hobby ( that’d burn me out ), but the last few days it has been gnawing on me. Perhaps it’s time to kick it back into gear.

I ought to blame myself and GTA Online partially; that game does A LOT of things right ( and a bunch of things wrong too ).
But what really counts is that they do the right things right.

You know, thinking about it. I haven’t really had this kind of fun in a game since Minecraft. And it’s all due to rockstar’s attention to detail, and the open-world nature of GTA games.
There are so many different things in the game that allow you do create rather unique situations or even re-enact things other games have to create entire cutscenes for.
If a game provides you with the tools to live your imaginations, it’s a good game. Mind you, I believe that “living your imaginations” is a rather broad concept. Ranging from creating a giant death robot in Garry’s mod from trying to achieve the most amount of clicks in a cow clicker. There’s an aspect of imagination to all of them, you just need to find something that plays your chords.

Over the past few days, I’ve actually enjoyed PLAYING with the world of GTA, rather than just following instructions or “best practices & optimal strategies / Meta” in League of Legends for example.
Sure, grabbing a victory is nice, but is all the pain and the amount of rage you feel coming from others worth getting those imaginary points? Is that really an achievement? It really starts getting watered down after more than 2000+ matches.  ( Yes I’ve played plenty of LoL ).

And then of course there’s Star Wars Battlefront, and the new movie coming out which I’m psyched about.

Anyway, there’s a line that sticks to me from GTA that translates very well into real life. I apologize for not knowing the actual quote, but Lester says something when teaching you about heists.

“Plan ahead , make a list, and carefully check things you’ve completed. Be methodical. This is not a petty crime we’re talking about”

Apart from the fact that I’m not planning any crimes, this works for my projects.
So as of now, I’ll spend a bit of time planning out my steps, projecting ideas and implementing them according to a list.
Right now, my current project is really just a bunch of spaghetti in my head. And maybe that mess of connections is weighing hard on my spirits.

It’s something I’ve picked up before, but never really actually implemented into my chaotic mind.
Anyway, I think that’s about it for now.

McBuff Out!

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Working as a Revit & Blender 3D "artist" in a retail world. I've graduated as a chemist, and have graduated as a "technical artist" in the world of "interactive 3D". I have that classic dream of one day working as a coder or designer in the sector. I think that the value of the product quality is more important than profit margins and release schedules. A view that sadly is in stark contrast to reality. Generally I am more interested in aspects of life, than aspects of industry. I'm opposed to taking things seriously, when they do not benefit mankind or me. ( But that's just an opinion ).

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