Lose yourself!

A big part of getting something done is doing it, right?

First let me give you another tune I’ve been listening to for the some time. It’s sort of a laid back tune unhinged by a shrieking siren. I think I got this track in a search related to the music in  vsauce videos.

Now.. let’s get to the point. An important skill in life is your ability to “detach” yourself from trains of thought. You need to do this in order for you to stay focussed on any other task at hand. Compare it to meditation if you will.

Most of the time when you’re not productive or when you’re postponing things it because your mind is not dedicated to the task. It’s too busy toying around with different thoughts and distractions like a polar bear wearing a tiny hat or social media.

To tell you the truth, I definitely am a victim to these distractions and have to admit that it’s not easy to convince yourself to do things you don’t want to do in the first place.

But the thing is, once you jump into it, and you manage to turn off that voice that beckons for distractions it isn’t all that bad. Your fear or resentment towards what you need to do most of the time outweighs the actual job. Furthermore, I suspect that struggling with your motivation will actually cost you MORE mental energy than actually doing that task.

The moment you manage to let go of distractions and you can fully focus yourself on the task it actually becomes quite enjoyable because your mind is somehow at ease. It’s not being distracted by a need for distraction, it’s allowed to engulf itself in something.

I think that when people talk about becoming “one with something” they talk about this mental state. In this state your mind becomes calm. You become focused and you actually feel like you’re connected to what you’re doing. You can essentially make that thing your own.

In a sense, you can apply this to every aspect of your life. Take music for example. I’m convinced that the greatest solo’s and the greatest pieces of music often come from those artists that fully envelop themselves in their craft. Some of them do it so well that they can become one with what the music they’re are playing and start to play on feeling. A perfect translation of your soul to the outside world.

Thinking about what I just said, and sort of feeling that buzz, I’d argue that any work of art is not merely the final product, but the investment of a person’s will to create & conceive. A mix of your logical and emotional consciousness that produce something truly yours.

I’m certain that many people already know about this but this is article is there for those that don’t.

Now I think that escapism might be very similar albeit a bit less productive. I suppose escapism is fine in a moderate amount. But that’s something I might write about another time.

The sad truth is that this isn’t always possible. Some distractions can’t be ignored and will get you out of that moment and will make it hard for you to go back after the distraction is over.

It also helps if you care about what you’re doing. Which is a topic for another day.

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