Idea: Democratic / Financial Models

Democracy, does it work? Maybe not, maybe it does. I’m not going to dispute results or semantics of our current democratic models around the world. I am however going to disclose with you ( the world ) a concept of a financial democratic model that I’ve had in my had for some time now. ( Say a few years ).
I haven’t taken the time to actually write it down as of yet, and so this should be my first draft ( or pitch if you will ).

There are 2 subjects I want to discuss:

1. Government Taxing
2. International Road Taxes

The way our system ( Belgium) is set up is that although we all vote for our candidates, we have little to no involvement otherwise in the directions our countries should move towards.
We vote we pay taxes, and we hope for the best. There are people who vote consciously, there are people who vote without a second thought.

That! In my opinion, is a big problem. How do you expect a democracy to work when 50% of all voters don’t think?
Secondly, the road taxes. More because Belgium has decided to tax big trucks passing through our country because of the strain they put on our roads. The reasoning behind it is good , Belgium has some pretty banged up main roads. But the execution is lazy and uninspired.

1. Government Taxing

Why is it that I as a voter, cannot choose where my tax money is going? Right now it just gets thrown on a big pile of money, that is spent left and right on expenses, investments, projects and pay.
Sure I can imagine that 90% of my money goes to “government expenses”, but if we were able to dictate where 10% of our taxes were going. We’d probably see some interesting results. Suddenly we’d see the people choose what they want to see done with their money.
This could potentially bind politicians to keep their oaths by having the funds they need, be governed by the people themselves. Use it in cojunction with our digtial ID’s and maybe we’ll finally have a use for those as well.

2. International Road Taxes

This one just grinds my gears. I’ve lived in europe long enough to know that it still has a long ways to go before being cohesive. Every country sits by their own rules and their own ways of doings things. Don’t ask me if this will last or not, I just think that maybe it’s time to think more like a united Europe instead of a group of divided countries.
Clever and shared road taxing are a great way to start thinking as a European unit.

Look, right now we have a “European drivers license”, it allows us to drive our cars into different countries, and is a valid form of identification. GREAT! I love it!
But why stop there? Here’s what I propose.

Suppose everyone in the ENTIRE EU pays the same (relative ) amount of road tax per car owned ( maybe relative to mileage / year among other modifiers).
Now imagine that your drivers license somehow keeps track of what countries you drive through. ( Say you can register your ID to different countries )
The taxes you pay are then DIVIDED among the countries you’ve driven in and handed out to those countries.
What’s the benefit? Well there’s no increased costs to anyone. Truck drivers don’t have to install a mileage meter for every country.
Countries receive road funds depending on how many people drive on them, instead of having only registered citizens of that country cough up money for repairs.


That all being said, I’m sure you may have your criticism and you have a right to be skeptical. But I really needed to get these ideas out of my head. I just hope that they can somehow serve as a source of inspiration to anyone.

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