Dipping in 3D art – ( small update )

Decided to stall the programming projects for a while since I’ll be getting some assignments for 3D art. ( More on that in a later article )

I’ve been on a holiday to Greece this summer, as well as made a few small 3D objects during my holidays to get back into texture painting. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m pretty motivated to do so.
Especially after a little something of mine got staff-picked.
Of course I had to tell it to everyone I know, even though I’m perfectly aware that my little work wasn’t THAT special to begin with. It played more on cuteness and simplicity than anything else.
Still, some acclaim and exposure makes me feel good enough to try and pursue some more 3D work as opposed to programming for the time being.

There’s a bit more on the profile, but these are the models I’m actually proud of.
Most likely anything unfinished is eventually going to be removed from the profile over the course of time.


The interesting thing thus far is that I’ve picked up a lot of skills again.
First I started out trying to do everything in Blender, but even though blender can do a lot, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually fun to do it, or natural for that matter.
Though I’m proud of the bucket ( completely done in blender ), I’ve found that the texture painting in blender is too destructive and just too complicated for what it’s supposed to be.

So that’s why I’ve changed that part over to substance painter. It’s a joy to texpaint in there, I highly recommend it.
Now I’ve also gotten back into normal baking and sculpting. Made a sculpt of an ornament I photographed in the Delphi Museum. It might show up here if I like how it turns out.

Lastly, I’ve decided to open up a polycount account, to get some critiques on my work and some guidelines. Otherwise I fear that I’ll get stuck, without getting better.

To all those that request critiques from any dedicated community, you are brave souls!


PS: I’ll have to add some more visuals to this post. Normal maps , meshes, texture maps. The whole shebang!

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Working as a Revit & Blender 3D "artist" in a retail world. I've graduated as a chemist, and have graduated as a "technical artist" in the world of "interactive 3D". I have that classic dream of one day working as a coder or designer in the sector. I think that the value of the product quality is more important than profit margins and release schedules. A view that sadly is in stark contrast to reality. Generally I am more interested in aspects of life, than aspects of industry. I'm opposed to taking things seriously, when they do not benefit mankind or me. ( But that's just an opinion ).

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